Canarro & Tcha Limberger

Concerts with the amazing
Tcha Limberger

We are so proud of we had some common concerts with one of the greatest musician of our life, Tcha Limberger.

Most of the bandmates feels he is like a master of us. A great musician and a great person.

Zagreb 2018 11.08. - Musique de l'Europe, Zagreb
Veszprém, 2017 8.05. -  Auer Violin Festival
Budapest, 2017 8.06. - Városmajori Szabadtéri Színpad
Budapest, 2016 16.9 - Muqisue de l'Europe Festival

YouTube Video

check more videos on the link below.

Swing manouche in Jedermann

A little documentary video about us while playing and talking about our style in our favourite hatt club of Budapest, Jedermann. (Hungarian language). You can also meet with Tcha in this video.



"New York Párizs Budapest"
Canarro &
Tcha Limberger
Canarro & Kovács Zoltán jazz trio
Swing manouche Kvintett

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